Dimant Bike Lift

Dimant Bike Lift


Bike carrier with smart lift system with which exertion is unnecessary and bicycles can be easily ride on to the bike carrier. 

    Are you looking for a modern, foldable bike carrier for 2 bicycles, but do not need a smart lift system? Please check the Diamant. This bike carrier is not provided with a lift system, but can optionally be expended with an aluminium ride-on ramp. 

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    Additional Information

    • Safe and reliable bike carrier for the transportation of 2 bicycles
    • Suitable for almost all tow bars, all bicycles (mainly e-bikes) and wheel dimensions
    • Bicycles can be easily driven on to the bike carrier by a smart electronic lift system
    • Lift system only works with a 13-pin plug
    • Let the bike carrier go up or down by using a control panel
    • Easy to move and store by an ingenious folding system and wheels
    • Extremely easy and quick fi tting onto the tow bar with the patented quick connector
    • Trunk stays always accessible by an easy to use tilt mechanism
    • The bicycles are held in wide, stable aluminium wheel holders
    • Flexible, lockable and removable "Easy Fix” frame holders
    • Storage cover included
    • 5-function lighting via a 13 -pin (Jaeger) plug
    • Immediate usage from the carton
    • The bike carrier can be locked with lock on quick connector
    • European permission given by the RDW