Alustar Roof Carrier

Alustar Roof Carrier


The Alustar is an aluminium bike carrier for mounting on roof bars and the transportation of 1 bicycle.

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  • Suitable for mounting in standing position
  • With stable V-model wheel holder of high grade aluminium
  • Suitable for roof bars with a maximum tube profile of 50x45mm
  • Fast assembly by plastic wing nuts
  • Mounting of the bicycles with pivot screw and lockable tog
  • Suitable for bicycles with a maximum frame width of 80mm

For the use of the Alustar, a roof bar system is necessary. Pro-User® offers a roof bar system for cars with a roof rail system (Basic Plus) or a roof bar system for cars with an open or closed roof rail system(CLOP). 

Technical specifications




Number of bicycles


Mounting of bicycle

by frame holder and straps

Length wheel holder

142 cm